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Interest rates

The interest rate applicable to your mortgage will depend on your original mortgage deal, as varied by any product changes applied to your account since that date. Please contact us if you would like confirmation of your current interest rate.

Interest rate changes

We will write to you at least 4 working days before any change is made to your monthly payment, as a result of interest rate changes.

If you are worried about making your monthly mortgage payments in the future our team of experts are at the end of the line, ready to discuss your situation, offer information and support or put you in touch with other organisations who could help. Simply contact us.

Types of interest rate

There are five main types of interest rate that are applicable to our mortgage customers. Your mortgage Terms and Conditions will state the type of rate that applies to you.

Discounted rate

A discounted rate offers a set discount off either a Product Variable Rate (PVR) or a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for a specific, initial term. Once the discounted rate period ends, you will then usually revert to one of the variable rates detailed below.

Fixed rate

If a fixed interest rate applies to your mortgage, it will not change until you get to the end of the agreed fixed rate term, when you will then usually revert to one of the variable rates detailed below.

At the end of the fixed rate term we will give you reasonable notice, in advance, of any changes to your monthly payments, as a result of interest rate changes.

Product Variable Rate (PVR)

If a PVR applies to your mortgage it will be set at a specific level above the Bank of England (BoE) base rate of interest. The level (or margin) above base rate may be stated in your mortgage offer or any subsequent correspondence. Your PVR will change to follow any movements in the BoE base rate and can therefore rise or fall over time. Please contact us if you would like confirmation of your margin or current interest rate,

Tracker rate

A tracker rate will track at a set percentage above or below another rate for a specified term - refer to your mortgage conditions for details of the rate your mortgage will track.

Standard variable rate (SVR)

If the SVR applies to your mortgage, your interest rate is not directly linked to any external rates as it is set by Rosolite Mortgages Limited. You will be notified in writing of any changes to the SVR.

Fees & Charges

The main fees & charges applicable to your mortgage can be downloaded below. Please note that we are currently waiving all Early Repayment Charges, until further notice.

Tariff of Mortgage Charges

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